Monday, August 20, 2007


"PALS" if U would , lets pray SPECIFICALLY for Julie's (sweet insp.) leg and foot and also Heb 11:1 Lil pilgrim's dad with his leg as well ---also , remember to pray for Vicki's bronchitis , for God to touch her - for Saija for strength for caring the needs of her husband -for Terry too--- GOD knew weeks ago these requests would come our way --- Asking and believing and expecting answers to these needs - let us help Julie open her umbrella as she looks for God's rain to bless --- LET US TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD -- Ask and you shall recieve-- This is in accordance with His Word , For His Glory and this will edify the Church ---- Let us look for the answer



Terry said...

I wasn't aware of Vicki's bronchitis Passing-thru, until last night but I will surely be praying for her.
How glad I am that even though it must affect her talking, it doesn't affect her fingers that so willingly type us out such great posts here at the Pals...such encouraging ones!!...From Terry

Vicki said...

Hey Terry & everybody. I'm much better today, but let me tell you, last week was rough. God is good to "let my fingers do the walking and talking" while I sit here, coughing and praying:-) There were hours when I felt so weak and yet something would always lead me here to check on y'all and give me grace to drop a line or two.

Still praying for you, Julie. God bless you, encourage you, and heal you, giving every grace you need. {{Hugs}}