Monday, August 20, 2007

Chemo Treatments Again For Especially Heather

Dear Pilgrim Pals..Please remember Heather in prayer as she will be starting her Chemo today..

Courage is being scared to death,but saddling up anyways.-John Wayne
That quote is the epitome of my feelings today, yet I know that I know that where God leads, His grace is already there to sustain me. His arms are already there to uphold me.
He is already there.
He didn’t bring me this far to abandon me, and I know that He isn’t done with me yet.
Yet the fear of “what if” plagues my heart. A full year of chemo. That in itself sends my spirit into a tail spin.
Yet I remind myself that some people don’t have that option, they don’t have any options, and it pushes me to saddle up again.
I am determined to beat this thing.
Kris Carr said it best:
‘Cause lady, you are a survivor;Someone who goes the distance;This isn’t about the sprint, its about the long haul.
I am a survivor…..I am a survivor.

Isn’t this the cutest.shirt.ever. I just bought it ....Heather


jel said...

Huggs! :)


Vicki said...

Cute shirt! I was just thinking, though, how Heather is not only a survivor, but VICTORIOUS in Christ Jesus. Illness may touch our bodies but nothing can separate us from Him. Praying for you, sweet Heather. May the Lord show Himself strong IN you, halleluiah!

Pilot Mom said...

Very cute indeed! :) Praying for you!

Terry said...

Yes a cute shirt alright and a very cute girl will be wearing it!!!
Love Terry