Saturday, August 11, 2007


My mom just called , she is home now , she lives with my sister and husband - She sounds good and is testifying more than ever :-) THANKYOU ALL for praying , she has been a walking miracle for quite a few years, the doctors have always said, they don't know how she has done it over the years --- WE KNOW HOW. The day will come when separation will call at the door, but praise God , The Witness of the Spirit says all will be well when that does happen .



Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

That's great - thanks for the report Passing-thru.

Bless you for being a powerful witness here.

Julie (LM)

Terry said...

Oh what a darling she sounds like!
Testifying already and not even complaining!
Passing-thru...I think that this is the same operation that Dad Golden is going to have on Oct 3..
From Terry

jel said...


passing-thru said...

God is good and thx julie - and thx jel --- and terry , yes this is the same operation, this is her 2nd one in her neck and she had a bypass in her groin 18 years ago and that is now in bad shape as well - but GOD HAS KEPT HER - she was awake for this procedure and they had to go in thru the hand and had to keep her awake - her heart acted up and they had to work with her to stabilize her and I KNOW IT WAS PRAYER FROM SAINTS THAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE - they honestly thought she might not make it thru -- neat stuff this GOD BUSINESS ------ yes , she testified constantly to all the nurses and they loved her in the hospital --it has been this way since she got saved at 45 years old in 1967