Saturday, August 11, 2007


There is a need - Terry's friend , Curious Servant needs GOD'S HELP and our GOD IS IN THE HELPING BUSINESS -- check out his blog and u can get there thru Terry's blog list -- here is my comment to his life's mess ---passing-thru said...
Curious , Terry sent me over, I am a nobody but I know this, This God of the Bible is in the IMPOSSIBLE BUSINESS -- we are going to pray over in "pilgrim pals" so hold on , declare God in your heart that is shot full of holes thru this mess -- we will take U and her into prayer -- We're not asking U to believe for anything as U are so hurt and downcast - we will hold your arms up - we will take U to the THRONE , so hold on and let us pray and allow GOD TIME to work --
OKAY ---pilgrims, when U read this and want to take time to SPECIALLY PRAY for her to be convicted and him to believe and let us watch a miracle start to unfold --- leave your comment and say U will take some time and BELIEVE GOD for this man -- thru God we are going to kick the devil's butt -- lets turn on the heat pilgrims !


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Pals,
I'm a realist, therefore i believe in miracles.
I pray that God urgently bless, help and strengthen both Curious Cervant and all of his family.
Felisol On The Far Side Of The Sea.

passing-thru said...

GOOD GIRL FELISOL --- keep praying and lets watch GOD DO HIS THING -

we pray daily for Gunnar -----

Terry said...

Yes Passing-thru...He is one precious person!
I met Felisol and Justin on his blog!
And it was through Jel that I met HIM!!...from Terry