Saturday, August 11, 2007


OLD TIME RELIGION -OLD TIME FAITH - PLEADING THE BLOOD - CLAIMING THE PROMISES - THE BLOOD HAS NEVER LOST ITS POWER - pilgrims, don't fall for this new age nampy pampy religion of the mind , we have Sanctifying power , Holy Ghost Power , we plead the Blood, the Cross, the Christ and we are overcomers thru HIM -- and we have been given power by GOD to pray for the most impossible things -- lets us take Curious servant's wife who is taken by flirts from some sinful man, a middle age thingy, ruining a family - and let us take Curious to the Throne to see GOD IS ON THE THRONE -- WE HAVE OVERCOMING FAITH IN THE ONE WHO OVERCAME DEATH and HE LIVES -- let's do what we have been called for --- thanks pilgrims -- passing-thru


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Your words inspire me to believe for the IMPOSSIBLE! If I (we) really, really understood the power of the Holy Spirit in me - wow!!!

Julie (LM)

passing-thru said...

Yes dear Julie -- this power is the very Presence of His Being in us - not something He deposited but HIMSELF -- and that HE chose to work thru us for the benefit of a lost and hurting world -- SO WE KNOW WE CAN PRAY AND BELIEVE -- for yourself Julie and for all that the LORD lays on your heart according to the will and purpose of GOD ---- Julie, U stand on the SOLID ROCK and let the waters of life wash around U , U will be OK