Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Time is short but wanted to say to the pals - I am so impressed with the humility found in our pals -- This post from Claire, the depth of Love, Acceptance , and even the Pain is laid on the Altar knowing that all of this brings her closer to the Lord - Paul said the same thing, when he said I count all things but loss for the Excellency of the Knowlege of God thru Christ - I just read Vicki's blog -- again - the Depth ! She says she accepts her pain and sufferings if they lead her closer to her Lord . The other thing with Vicki, she is an accomplished writer and when she comments in here with us , she has words like "inspiring" and uplifting , NO monster ego with her, humble and Christlike , she sees the double negatives used in sentences, the errors in spelling , but NOT ONCE do U detect anything but a positive , faith building , encouraging sister in the Lord --- I am humbled by the humilty and depth of Claire, Terry, Vicki, Donna, Susanwalkergirl, Jel, Felisol, Heb , the Julies , and of course all in pals -- but we have such a Blessed group --- Take Heart Pilgrims ---- let us all be praying one for another today to see answers and results -------God wants that - praying for your dad Heb and your mom - and for U , David and your Carol --



Terry said...

We HAVE surely seen results Passing-thru and we WILL see more results!
We will continue our journey and be praying to and praising the Lord and at the same time encouraging each other.
I am so grateful to the Pals for all the encouragement that they have given to me...From Terry

David Warren Fisher said...

Good morning, Bob!

I worked last night and I'm leaving to go back to Elim Lodge soon.

Thanks for keeping the lamp burning!

Lots of love,