Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Missing Rib looking for Mate!

Hi Pilgrims,

Some guy out there is missing a rib and I'm it!! Help me find him through your prayers. :)

I'm off to work today after a few days vacation! This may seem like a frivolous prayer - I keep bringing it up - pray for a covering over me in regards to Todd. It's so hard working in the same building as him - it's a distraction. As Paul said, "I do want I don't want to do...."

May God pour out His abundant blessings on each of you today!

Julie (Little Missionary)


passing-thru said...

Lol ----- so your the Rib EH !

Stay focused on your high calling in Christ and HE will provide ALL that U need and desire - and a mate is something ordained of God
Of course its always easier "for the other guy to preach it" until the other guy is in need himself , lol

Terry said...

Yes, and your high calling Little Missionary, Julie is that little Spanish bundle that you are holding in your arms!
A little missionary you are!!...Love Terry