Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pilgrim Song

Well, my Pilgrim Pals, I've finally done it. At your prompting I've started pulling my prose and poetry out of the dusty closets and desks of my life.
I'll gradually add them to my a new site entitled PILGRIM SONG. I'll add pictures which compliment the writing but for now, check out the site @

Thanks for your encouragement, my dear friends.

Have a great day, trusting the Lord!



passing-thru said...

Will go and check it out now David - ONE QUESTION ? where do U find the time ? lol -
LORD BLESS and am praying for U guys constantly --

passing-thru said...

Oh yes -- I like that site David -- I loved the one about Mom --

Nothing but blessings from that site -- that will be a favorite for sure of pilgrims needing a drink from Terry's well box or your pump on that back 40

Terry said...

Really nice Pilgrim David and now we have a new name for you.."The Man Of Many Blogs"!.........from Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Thank you, David, for opening up your heart to us! This new blog site will be another blessing, a haven for our hearts and souls on days when we need uplifting or just when we desire to praise the Lord right along with you. Thanks!

prayingsensfainmontreal said...

I really like it. Good job Mr. Fisher!
Many times during the night, or when I'm "doing" my school work or even in the shower, I find my self writing songs. I keep a little book in my bed to write them in at night. And I write in my algebra notebook or in the steam on the bathroom walls.If I don't write the words down right away I forget them. Last night I added a verse to O Canada, more like a prayer I would say. I'll post it here when I feel it is apropriate.

God bless,
Little Montreal Girl

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Pilgrim!

Beauiful layout, amazing photo, and touching words...but I see you don't want a dozen comments from me, so I'm "locked-out"...but, hey, I didn't demand millions of dollars, just want to comment without a user name ;) Oh, you should here the jokes among my siblings and I when the door is locked on us, and we are "locked-out"...somehow we always make a hockey reference!

Lil Pilgrim Pal