Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Pals reaches across time zones,languages, cultures thanks to the internet -- even before the internet , Christians prayed and moved Heaven and earth for God's Glory and for the welfare of the Church -- The Bride - A Most Precious Jewel --- so a mid-day reminder ,
Let us take Susan's words of Consecration that she posted, and renew ourselves to HIM and remember the hurting among us, we haven't heard from Felisol in a few days , we pray for Gunnar each day, and Sigve ---- Donna dropped in last nite to say hello and we so appreciate that -- Arlene, Heather, Ron and Lisa , Claire's Jim and Vickies husband , Saija;s Leo and remember to pray for healing for these people and oh yes ! David's Carol , that her heart and health will get better , lots of stress on her these days - pray believing for them - David and Carol with their home, so many needs - pray while cleaning a room as one mentioned to me -- pray walking , what a privilege to pray -- some day we won't have to do this , imagine ! Dad Golden, for God to bring such conviction of sin and a lost state, that hell will be real and Heaven even more real -- Jel has had a busy week, remember her - Julie (sweet inspirations) for her job and her mom's work -- not only Leo but for Saija to be refreshed as she works to be all things to all people.
Susan Bunts mom and transference of money and for Holly -- Ottawa Julie and her work and her good continued peace she is enjoying -- so many needs -- can't name them all -- GOD KNOWS - we had a good day yesterday, as Terry says - I asked for a cup and HE gave me THE WELL --- also Heb healing and thanks Lil pilgrim for that great post on I CAN'T ---

Lord Bless, -- passing-thru


hebrews 11:1 said...

Passing-thru...Thank you for the rundown of all the prayer requests!

When do you start work?

I thought of your "tree-hugging" comment when I was coming home from my grandparents' a few minutes ago. I had finished a delicious late lunch of lamb liver (YUM!), and had a great time with them...and then I saw the construction work in my woods! And I got real mad all over again. They (the city) asked us what we thought, everybody showed up and said, we don't want low-rent housing, we alreay have enough problems here, and then, a few years later, they announce they are giving us a 106-unit low-rent building, on our city's PARK property woods. Oh, well, sorry, not a very spiritual topic, but I just HAD to vent that one. I'm no environmentalist, and no Green party supporter, but I love my nearby woods!

God bless you,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

I got your note on the interview starting at 1:45...God has a sense of humor sometimes, EH?!

passing-thru said...

LOL -- that just makes u human -- I get a kick out of these "spiritual" people - they practically talk Thee and thou and O Mighty God -- - there are many things that "tick" Christians off , I guess it is how we "re-act" to them that affects those around us --
Friday I go in for orientation and then finish the day "on the job"
I have to go in Thursday to see how the TB shot went -- I will be working in a Health Care Facility - if all goes thru ok -- thx , and have U hugged a tree today ?

hebrews 11:1 said...


They've cut down all the trees, so I have to hug my brothers and sisters instead...

Oh, now I hope everyone knows we're just joking here. At least, all my friends around here know I'm certainly no environmentalist greenie! :) Maybe I should tell them about Pals sometime...uh, if they can keep a secret!

Lil Pilgrim Pal