Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Short on time, a quick little post --- Are U looking ? Are U carrying ? -- Its not the "norm" but it does happen from time to time -- (what in the world is passing-thru rambling about ?) - lol --Remember when tax time came, Jesus sent peter to the lake , He said , throw a hook in and the first fish that comes up, look in its mouth and there will be a COIN from HEAVEN , imagine ! - Divine Intervention, we all have had Divine Interventions from time to time, have U forgotten ?, Do U still look ? -- answers to prayers in the past , Entertaining angels unawares ! - Julie sweet inspirations mentioned to carry that umbrella , expecting God's Blessing of rain --

What about when the Great Passover celebration was to take place with THE VERY PASCHAL LAMB HIMSELF , HE said, go into town, and a "man" will meet U carrying a pitcher of water , he will lead U to a house and there the "man " of the house will direct U to "the room" - All of this is Divine Intervention mixed in with our normal daily living ! God is at work in all of our lives. TAKE HEART --- may this day be one of Carrying that umbrella and Looking for that fish or that "man " with a pitcher of water -- Lord Bless the ones that are hurting the most and yes, Curious servant , we are praying today for The Lord to work in your lives .

Have a GOOD , GODLY and GRACIOUS DAY----------passing-thru


Vicki said...

Another inspiring post! The Lord has surprised me lately with two sisterly relationships that are becoming "ripe" for Him, finally, after many, many years of praying. Both are suffering and looking for answers, and God has placed me in between the two, so pray that I might listen with love, be slow to speak (except for when the Holy Spirit moves me), and let His light and love flow through me. I want my sisters to know the Lord, but I need to give Him room to work:-)

Praying for C.S. and Brenda, especially this afternoon. Lord, that your truth and mercy would envelope them...

Bless you, Pals, and passing-thru.

passing-thru said...

Excellent Vickie --- a shepherd's heart --- I didn't see this comment until just now but The Lord knew ---trusting your witness is effective for the Lord - am sure it will be

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, Pals!

I'm thoroughly EXHAUSTED, and can't wait to slip off to bed! I thought I'd treat myself to an outing, and accompanied my mom and siblings to a trip into town-- a little mission work, if you'd call it that. We deliver some donated items to a women's shelter and a Christian mission.

I figured I'd walk the dog when I got back, and this plan was okay with my client as well.

I come home to a message on the answer machine from the family I usually work for on THursdays...could I come work for 2 hrs. today and noon and AGAIN tomorrow...OUCH! It was a few minutes before 11. I ran out with my sister, walked the dog, came back at 11:51, ate a quick lunch, and arrived at 12:02...not bad for such short notice! And the work was SO labor-intensive, I came home tired, and had to do my own share of the work at home. My mom gave me a break this evening, and told me to take it easy, so I spent the evening working on "my" computer while listening to downloaded Focus on the Family broadcasts...very relaxing!

I hope all the Pals had a great day, and one not so tiring as mine!

God bless you all,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

Lord Bless U Heb