Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A SPECIAL THANKYOU to the regulars of course but to these ladies , some have been around for a few years but their input here on pals is so appreciated
What I like is that all of these Pals , none are "superstars" all struggle , all support , all trust in the Blood only, all pray and lift one another -- I believe , "Pals" is a good example of the Church of Jesus Christ , born-again , sinners saved by Grace our Stand is one that David would put his stamp of approval to and it is this: Sinners saved by the Atonement of Jesus Christ ALONE, by FAITH in HIS FINISHED WORK ALONE, GOD THE FATHER SENT HIS SON FOR THE REDEMPTION OF THE WORLD , THAT WHOSOEVER , BELIEVES ON HIS ATONING DEATH , IS SAVED, BORN AGAIN BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, and his or hers name is written in the Lamb's book of life -- SO "PALS", steers clear of debates, forums of doctrines, or using one's experiences as refrences or foundation stones for religion -- THRU CHRIST ALONE, BY FAITH ALONE , THANKYOU for helping us Terry, Saija, Susanwalkergirl, Claire, Donna, Vickie, Heb , Julie sweet insp, Julie Lil M , Jel , Prayinsensfan, Felisol, Lauren Mary , Lauren mae , Lisa J . THE BATTLE CONTINUES , we thankyou so much ,-- needs come and go -- my mom came thru because of your prayers - Curious servant needs the Church to pray -- PRAY BIG TME TODAY AND TOMORROW --TERRY'S MOM AND DAD and for Terry not to get discouraged - Saija battles the blues now and then, OUR DAVID AND CAROL , are being hammered -- Felisol's Gunnar and Serina need some prayer --Donna and her daughter can use support and God knows the need --What U may miss in words, THE HOLY SPIRIT will carry the groanings to the THRONE --THE BATTLE IS OURS -- TAKE HEART, OH PILGRIMS -


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks passing-thru, I especially like your last sentence about the Holy Spirit carrying our groaning to the throne....

I feel the lonliness creep in as I spend most of my evenings and even some weekends alone. I don't have many born-again friends these days - especially single ones who are free to meet and pray - most are so busy with family. I desperately need more fellowship. I pray that as September roles around and things start up again at my new church that I will meet some solid Christians - I especially need other strong Christian women to surround me. It isn't easy breaking in to a new church and sometimes I admit I miss walking into my old church where immediately I was greeted by friends. I don't get that now and I miss it. But I know ultimately for my spiritual health/growth I can't go back to that church! This Christian "business" is really, really lonely these days.

Julie (LM)

Felisol said...

Dear Julie, Missionary,
you are giving voice to a thousand fellow pilgrims with your honest description of both the problem of being single and being new in a congreation.
I thing God needed you as a spokeswoman for just these issues.
And he comman us all to think again and look again around us, if there should be (and there always is) a newcomer, a recourseful person we should learn to know.
I feel guilty. I will take a new look and see if there is someone who would like to join in..
I pray the Lord that he answers your prayers and give you even more than you pray for.
With respect and love Felisol On The Far Side Of The Sea

passing-thru said...

Yes Julie , I am sure there are periods of lonliness, - we are made to have fellowship, and I am POSITIVE there will be a "core" group in that new church that would love U and make U one of their own, God will direct U with no doubt , hang on and that is so nice of Felisol to encourage U also -- your doing good Lil M -- our walk with the Lord is a slow, continuing one , with many turns and revelations , struggles and victories , its the Way He Designed it. All of it is for our benefit, patience and humility and at times "visions of rapture, now burst on my sight" enough to keep us going, and learning to "lean on Jesus" or else we would be leaning on ourselves and we know where that gets us - lol -- Lord Bless Lil M

Vicki said...

Praying for the needs here, carrying them lovingly to His throne of Grace, where tender mercies flow. Julie, thank you for sharing that. The pangs of loneliness hit here, too, and I'm reminded to pray for my sisters, and for our need for meaningful, godly friendships. Elisabeth Eliot has written a wonderful little book on loneliness that helped me through many a hard place in my life. God bless you - I'm praying. Wise words from Felisol, too.

Please pray that I might recover from this bronchitis well enough to finish my articles if that's His will. My husband is also struggling at work since returning from heart surgery.

Blessings on your day!!

passing-thru said...

Lord bless Vickie -- we appreciate U adding to the pals list and we will remember U and yours