Sunday, August 19, 2007


Dear Pilgrim Pals:

How exciting to see all the activity on our blog since I left. Way to go! Keep encouraging one another!

Remember...Pray, Affirm, Love and Serve...our PALS' commission from the Father.

Love you all,


Note: Here's a photo taken from the shore at Elim Lodge, close to our cottage.


hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Pilgrim!

Welcome back! I take it that you had a relaxing time? Beautiful peaceful photo.

My dad went to the ER last night for pain in his foot and they have diagnosed it as arthritis, but ran tests as one possibility is Crohn's first I thought, well at least we know of a cure (diet and supplements), but the scariness of it came over me a little while later, and I had to cry out to God and put my trust in Him.

Does training camp start this week? I only know when I flip on my radio at 3:05 pm, and hear, "The Boys are Back in Town"!!!

God bless you,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

Pilot Mom said...

What a beautiful pic, DAvid! I hope you are having a relaxed time away and gaining strength each day. Will continue to uplift you and Carol before His throne. Blessings...

passing-thru said...

Thanks for posting David --
ENJOY YOUR VACATION --- am sure U are resting and hope this does Carol alot of good too

Vicki said...

What a beautiful tranquil and nice. Have a wonderful restful time, David! Praying!

Heb, will keep your dad in my sorry for his pain and discomfort.

Blessings to all....and thanks for praying for my bronchitis. Getting better!

Terry said...

Dear David...It IS so relaxing at Elim Lodge.

Betty and John and Bernie and I went there for a couple of years.
That was when Middle Cross and the Parker Trio and Mended Vessels were there for a concert. Danny Funderburk was suppose to be here that year but it was the time we had Sars in Canada, so he didn't come.
The owners are so special there and it seems like all the visitors are one big happy family!!
I got some pictures of the peaceful waters there too.
Hope you have a great time..Love Terry

PS Stay clear of the trampoline Pilgrim!
I tried it and almost broke my ankle. I had one good sprained one for the rest of my holidays!!
Didn't go to the docs until I got home a week later!!

passing-thru said...

Vicki - I didn't know U had bronchitis -- will be praying

Hi Terry -- what r u doing jumping on a trampoline ---lol

Praying for your dad Heb

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hi David - good to hear from you!

Hey Heb 11 - sorry to hear about your dad - I will continue to pray of course. Thought you'd like to know...there is unveiling of new Ottawa Sens jerseys this week - hope they are nice - I really liked the red ones!

Bless everyone!

Julie (LM)

susanwalkergirl said...

David...I pray you and your family are getting a much needed and well deserved rest. May your heart, mind, soul and spirit be renewed.