Thursday, August 2, 2007


The Living and the Dead , The Goodness and patience of God was pushed AGAIN and this time once too often .
In Numbers 16, the people of God murmured against what God had done. With lightning speed God shouts, step aside Moses, for I will destroy - Moses intercedes here, saying Aaron, quick get a censer and put fire from the altar in it , and sprinkle incense on the fire and race into the crowd. Aaron takes the holy censer in and stands between THE LIVING AND THE DEAD and holds forth the censer with its incense burning before the Lord and pacifies the Lord's Holy Anger --
We today brethren , STAND between the Living and the Dead , we offer up prayers , washed by the Blood of THE PERFECT SACRIFICE , THE SWEET FRAGRANCE of THE SACRIFICED LAMB , we plead for the lives of the dead in sin ones , we stand in the gap , LET US TAKE THIS PRIESTHOOD SERIOUSLY, lifting up The Son of God and He will draw all men to HIM ------for HE says "You are a Royal Priesthood , A Chosen Generation ---

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