Sunday, August 19, 2007

There Am I In The Midst

Have a blessed Lord's day everybody...
Love Terry


passing-thru said...

Thanks Terry -- Lord Bless U and yours -

Imagine , someday it will all be different -- River of Life - streets of gold --
We have received the EARNEST , a DEPOSIT , showing us that we ARE redeemed children of THE MOST HIGH and Heaven is our HOME

saija said...

amen ... God is definitely in the midst of whereever and whatever we are doing, that thought is a comfort!

Terry said...

Street Of Gold Passing-thru...ONE street and we shall all be on it!!
How wonderful!..From Terry

passing-thru said...

Lol Terry --- Street of Gold , U brethren are all alike -- !!

LEGALISTIC BROOD IF THERE EVER WAS ONE ---------- ouch - ok , ok --

Terry said...

Never mind Passing-thru!
Don't you think that it is "neat stuff" that we will ALL be living on the same street??
There will be no such thing as the ghetto or snob hill in heaven, that's a for sure!
No frosty Fridays either!!...from Terry