Saturday, August 18, 2007


It's late , tired and soon to retire for another day --- my brothers and sisters on the west coast will be up for awhile yet -- We stand in the Shadows of the Ones that have gone on before us , The Word says " A cloud of Witnesses " We brethren, "pals" are on a Mighty Cause, Heavenly, God Called, Commissioned, We, the sent out ones -- We pray for the lost, the blind, having NO idea of their plight . Let us put on the "full armour" of God -- HE leads us , HE enables us , HE encourages us , HE never has for one second, ever left us .

LORD BLESS all the pilgrim pals --- I awoke around 4 am the other nite, when my consciousness came to light, I was aware of praying for some of our brethren, NEAT STUFF , this GOD BUSINESS ----- TAKE HEART ----
An added thought, we would sing and testify in Sunday nite services and some of those old songs , one being " Jesus , Jesus , there's just something about THAT NAME " I am sure U all know it ---- I am blessed , What a God, What a Love , What a Sacrifice -- nite all



Vicki said...

Thank you for praying for us, Passing-thru! You have a good night now.

Lord, we thank you for blessing us with this amazing group of folks, our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. What a joy and privilege to bring both our needs and praises to Your Holy throne, all because of the precious Blood of Jesus shed for each one of us here. We praise You, Lord God. You alone are worthy of all our praise! Oh that you would find us faithful, Lord! Enable us by the power of your Holy Spirit to encourage the brethren all the more as we see that glorious day approaching. Amen!

passing-thru said...

Thanks Vicki ----------

I loved your prayer -- those are the words that TOUCH THE ROCK !

I like that "Oh that YOU would find us faithful" He says in His Word , Obedience is better than sacrifice ---- I have always found it easy to "wander" from the things of God , that old nature, if it wasen't for the GRACE of GOD , I would still be wandering in the wilderness ---

Vicki said...

Amen to that, Passing-thru! GRACE is a beautiful word. Jesus is a WONDERFUL Savior! Praise God, He *enables* us. And even when we've not been faithful, HE. IS. FAITHFUL.

Blessings on your evening!