Monday, August 13, 2007


Nice to see a visit from Vickie - we hope she graces "pals" with her presence and the same for Lisa J --- we have a great group of Christians that have walked "intimately" with The Christ.

HOW DID U MAKE OUT TODAY DAVID ? Any news on Carol ? -- Terry , how did U make out also ? -- Claire, how long is Pilot home for ? Julie , is it true ? , that U have anchored some bolts onto THE ROCK, and that walk of yours is not based on feelings or past hurts , only encouraging U , Lil Missionary , your doing good. -- Peterborough Julie, how did the day care job go ? -

YES , mondays are hard , but lets throw in some testimonies, start this week with GOD , let's praise God and deny the devil any ground -- sobering thought now, can U imagine, the poor people that are not saved, having just passed away today or yesterday and instantly finding themselves in a ghastly horrible place beyond description, nice people , good works people, church people , but not WASHED THRU THE BLOOD , how horrible , may we awaken to the heart of God and let our light so shine before men , LET HIS LIGHT SHINE THRU US --

Read the Word, Pray, Praise and Testify , lets lead the lost to the Saviour



Julie said...

Yes...let's get LOTS of praise stories on here...there can never be too many!

I haven't started the new job's not daycare, I am just organizing a playgroup for a couple of mornings a week (to start) and it may turn into more than that!

I'm working on getting some ideas on paper, plan a schedule and I will start probably the first or second week of school.

Pray that lots of kids sign up or else I'll be out of a job before it even starts! Oh...and for wisdom about payment...he said I could be paid a wage or paid so much per kid signed up. If I have lots of kids, the latter could be much better in the long run but I don't's kind of scary doing it that way! I really don't know what to do about that!

Have a good night!

passing-thru said...

Nite Julie -- the wage thing is important , he dosen't expect U to work for nothing - hmmm, what about a set wage and anything above certain number of children then U get paid extra --
Listen to me, lol , I sound like your agent ---

hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll be praying Julie...

Passing thru the agent...hmmm. We always have a joke around her about agents, as our newspaper friend would like to know WHO he needs to ask, or are each of us our own agents...We older children have some joke that we'll just hire Don Meehan (he's a famous hockey agent). Then there's a joke that the phone ringing is our agent after my sister was at the orthodontist and the guy sitting next to her's cell started ringing. As he flipped it open she looked over and saw it was Don Meehan!!! He said he had an important call, and left the room grumbling about New Jersey. Oh, we are such jokesters here, us should hear the phrases we repeat from that one incident! And, no, we don't know WHICH pro hockey player he is!

Julie, my suggestion is the wage, as all my friends have said commision is teribble! I don't personally know...I've only been self-employed since I was 15.

God bless you all, and good night!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Pilot Mom said...

Pilot will be here until Sunday afternoon! We have been having a wonderful time. It will be difficult to have him go but we understand the cycle of living. Praise God we don't go through our lives empty but truly LIVING because of our relationship with Christ. Because of our relationship with Him all other relationships are richer, fuller, deeper and more blessed.

Vicki said...

What a great post. Praying for you, Julie and Pilot Mom.

May I add a huge praise report here??
My husband, who had open heart surgery in June to replace a bulging aneursym of his aorta, has finally returned to work! Halleluiah! Not that I want to drive him back to work, it's just a miracle that he lived to talk about his aneurysm, you know? He is doing well. This is work week number 2. He doesn't have his full stamina back, but it's one week at a time, the heart surgeon says.

PS---I have bronchitis and if I disappear to rest, you'll know why:-) Blessings on everyone's week.