Monday, August 13, 2007

Vicki's Visit

It was so good to have a visit from Vicki today. Her blog is one of my favorites. Actually she has two blogs that mean a lot to me. Check out Windows To My Soul (there's also a link under Pilgrim Pals) and Light For The Writer's Soul.

The prevailing sentiment following Vicki's visit, according to the comments from our Pilgrim Pals, was "don't be a stranger" and "please come by often".

So, Vicki, please listen to us and join us often!

Be encouraged today, dear friend!

- David and the Pilgrim Pals


passing-thru said...

Yes - amen on Vickie's visit
I have been to your blog site Vickie -- your a writer for sure - no wonder David likes visiting there ----
The power of the pen

hebrews 11:1 said...

She has an excellent blog...I'll never forget the morning I wasted a LONG time blog-scotching...I ended a her blog where I read something about not spending our life wasted...that did it for me! I was so ashamed!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Vicki said...

David, thanks so much. Wow, that encourages my heart. You and the Pilgrim Pals truly have the gift of encouragement (which glorifies our Lord). Thank you for the warm welcome. Indeed, I want to get over here more often and have appreciated your visits as well. The Lord has put you on my heart a lot here lately.

Passing-thru: thank you for those kind words. God bless you. Pray that I would be faithful to pen the things that matter most, according to His will for my life.

Hebrews 11:1: Sometimes the things I write about do more to convict me personally than anyone else. We're all living this life of faith together, amen? Thanks for your kind words. Appreciate it.