Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Birthday Boy!!!...Nathan Fisher

Happy Birthday Nathan Fisher!
We have a little Pilgrim Pal who is our town crier and who lets us know whenever somebody very special has a birthday.
Well that little birdie told me today that it was YOUR special day and that is why all of the Pilgrim Pals are wishing you a good one!
We also have our very own Singing Telegram Man, Jim and he will be informed that it is Nathan Fisher's birthday and he will probably pop down just anytime to sing you his song!
Please you do not have to give him a tip.
We pay him well!


With all the Fisher birthdays you have had in the last couple of months, what with your dad's, your sister, Victoria's, and your brother Matthew's and now yours, I would think that you will be so stuffed with chocolate cake that maybe you should just send me a big piece!

I never got a bite of my own!!


Love from all of your dad's friends...the Pilgrim Pals..

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passing-thru said...

Happy Birthday Nathan !