Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Great Provider

This morning the following thoughts came to mind as I meditated on Matthew 6:25-34:

Worry...Forget It

I worried ‘bout the future
The path I could not see;
I doubted God’s provision
Would He supply my need?

Now after many seasons
His Word has stood the test;
Just seek the Father’s kingdom
And He will add the rest.

Clothing, food and lodging
The Father will provide;
I trust… because He promised
My needs He has supplied!

~ David W. Fisher
September 6th, 2007


Saija said...

that is a most EXCELLENT poem ... i posted on monday on sort of similar lines - about temporal and eternal values! blessings on your day!

Vicki said...

Wonderful reflections, David. THANK YOU and praise the Lord!

Felisol said...

Dear Pelgrim Father,
thanks for your Dear bought praise.
He will provide - all our needs, in his time.

passing-thru said...

Strange isn't David -- how we struggle with WHAT HE ALREADY PROMISED US --- being in the flesh, human , I guess -- But HE DID ALREADY PROVIDE ALL and HE TOLD US THAT -- Mueller used to say that working for The Lord he found HIM to be always faithful and one never laced for anything