Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Heather Asking For Prayer Not Just For Herself

03.SepPrayer Warriors…

Marisa over at Life received some devastating news last week. Her doctors have told her that chemotherapy is no longer an option because the cancer has spread. She is waiting to hear from some doctors about clinical trials, but like me, she is not willing to accept this is going to be the end of her life. She has 3 beautiful babies, and a wonderful husband.
Here is one of her posts that has touched my heart:
Imagine there was a young wonderful mother of three who led a good, kingdom furthering life and then cancer hit her, her family and those who love her?
Imagine that her family, friends, and church stormed the doors of heaven with prayers so that somehow this beautiful woman could live to see her kids grow old?
Imagine the much hopeful news about the growth of the cancer, the CT scans, the nuclear medicine tests didn’t reveal good news?
Imagine then after almost all hope was gone, after more than 8 months of sickness, fatigue, frustration and against-the-odds-positive-attitude, after the laws of science and medicine were turned on their head, after the oncologists said that this was the last medical chance for healing, it was revealed that the cancer was gone?
Imagine then that God and Jesus were talking over a cup of tea (surely they wouldn’t drink coffee) about this inspirational servant that they spared only to see that the good work that was begun in this woman would be carried out until completion?
And that because of the good work that could continue it would send a ripple of hallelujah’s throughout the land that would resonate with those who really need to hear it?
Imagine? I am.
Her friend, Rebecca is asking for everyone who reads her blog to pray. It is her hope to have a 24 hour prayer chain going on Marisa’s behalf. Now I know how the readers of my blog love to pray for me, so I am hoping that you will email her and sign up to pray for Marisa.
Marisa, I will pray for you.....Especially Heather


Pilot Mom said...

Oh yes! I will be praying for her!

Terry said...

Oh dear Pilot-mom...Now there are six that we will have to continue in prayer for on the Pilgrim Pals...six having already faced cancer and having to face more!
Your Jim. Arlene, Heather, Minerva, Ronnie and now this dear girl, Marisa.
Heaven will surely be busy in just our small part of the world, but can you imagine just how many are suffering with cancer?
It is all so sad but yet we can pray for them and that is a big plus...Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Terry , I believe that Ronnie's test came back ok and he is ok I believe --

That was a sensitive feeling imploring from a friend for a friend, yes , I will pray for Marisa --

Pilot Mom said...

You are so right, Terry! We are storming His throne room and there are so many more if only we knew who they were.

I for one will continue to beseech on behalf of our Pal's list. I have to admit that there are many times I feel like Pilot Dad and I are on "borrowed" time. But when that "anxiety" rears its ugly head I promptly take it to the Lord as Philippians instructs us to do.

Vicki said...

So many need our prayers! Let's keep on praying for those He brings to mind and across our path.

'Nite pilgrims....