Sunday, September 9, 2007


Good Nite to the "Pals"
We haven't heard from some, we trust all is well - don't let the devil have any place, any room in your life - Life is a struggle, for some , greater than others but God promised grace in times of need -- remember the needs -- Shelby and daughter to find God and His plan and their temporal needs. Donna and Jennifer, be nice if Serina gets well and her mom Felisol is able to relax - Claire's Jim to heal - Vicki's Richard to continue to heal - the stress on these spouses must be hard - Saija with her constant caring of her big guy Leo - Congrats again to Lauren-Mary on her new jobs - Lil M, are U ok ? -- Jel, we missed U this week --- LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN , I have said it before -- even though some don't Ever complain or ask dosen't mean they don't have struggles or trials -- LETS FULFILL GOD'S WORD and pray one for another --- David and his ministry and his wife Carol -- many needs - will just trust the Lord to bring them to mind
--NITE --


Vicki said...

Since I am up into the "wee" hours, might as well catch up on the lastest posts and do some praying.

Passing-thru Bob, thanks for these good reminders...good point about those who don't ask, but still have needs. Keeping that in mind as I go to the Father again...

Pilot Mom said...

Vicki, I'll meet you in the kitchen for a cup and let's open our Bibles together and pray.