Monday, September 10, 2007


I have some words that I thought of posting today but it will wait.

What sits on my heart right now is that we seem to be missing some of the pals -- thats ok if its just taking a break , or vacation or busy --- but as I said before , if its over being discouraged , or feeling like your alone , well , we "ALL" go thru that, so drop us a line -- .

We are the Church of Jesus Christ, "We" have been bought and paid for with the Actual Blood of God . Your value to God is beyond understanding , so don't let go of your faith, read the Word, email Godly Saints to share and testify to HIS GOODNESS ---


hebrews 11:1 said...

Yes, there seems to be some Pals missing here...

This morning I awoke thinking of a year ago today, and what a blessed day it was. Guess who didn't want me to think of blessings? Yes, the Devil showed up about mid-morning, and told me I'd have a terribly long day tomorrow, besides that I felt almost feverish today, and I really should feel sorry for myself...and I listened to him for a bit. Until....

This evening I was working in the livingroom, and I heard my neighbor's son fall down and hurt himself. His grandmother could not soothe or quiet him, he just cried and cried. As I'e said before, they are like siblings to us, so I ran over to comfort my littlest "brother". I distracted him and he was soon playing. I asked his grandma how she was doing, and she said she had them all last night and all day (her daughter was OUT OF TOWN!) and she did not sleep last night. She was so tired she did not take him to school or her to daycare. Now who was I to feel sorry for myself?! I slept well last night, I even slept in this morning, after awaking at 4:30 to see my dad off. I was not running around after two little children all day who missed their mom! Who am I to complain?

Can you Pals please pray for this broken family who dearly needs to know the Lord? We can only do so I once wrote in a poem:

"If I could take your hand and put it in the Saviour's,
Or bear your burdens since your back can scarce bear the weight,
If I could transfer to you all the peace He's given me...
But I can't
The choice is yours to make."

Now we just lift them up in prayer, knowing in faith that one day they'll call upon Him!


hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, PT, since you mentioned God's goodness, I should go ahead and share what happened one year ago today...and the days leading up to it...

First of all, on 9/ll, the Lord blessed me with the words for a beautiful song. I put them away, feeling that ONE DAY they'd be published.

Last year I asked my dad if I could put them in the paper for the 5th anniversary. He agreed.

I sent off the Word doc. I had typed the poem and my testimony on how the Lord gave it to me, to my friend at the paper. He made a minor adjustment, and that was the last I heard.

That Sunday, Sept. 10th, my poem AND UN-EDITED testimony ended up in the paper. Oh, yes, and by my request I published it anonymously under a pen name (never used before or since). Because so man in my area know me, I wanted them to read the poem for what it was, not for who I am. Let God get all the glory for it!

In this poem, it speaks of trusting in God and how He is in control of everything. I prayed with all my heart that people would be drawn to trust in Him after reading it.

Three days later our city was shaken when a gunman from my city shot up a local college in Montreal, killing a student from my city.

Isn't God's timing perfect? I cried when I thought of it that dreadful Wednesday afternoon as I listened to the news reports. And at that point I had no idea my city's close connection to the event.

God is truly amazing!

God bless you all,

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Terry said...

That's good Passing-thru that every so often you have this roll call!!
We don't want to have any of us missing in action, eh?..Terry

passing-thru said...

Hi Terry -- U still burning the midnight oil EH !

Nice to hear from Susanwalkergirl -she says she has bags under her eyes - thats not good !

We haven't heard from Donna or Jel or Lauramae - hmmm ---

Have a great day !