Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MIA- Footsteps of Grace

Good morning Pilgrims. I suppose I am like Julie and haven't had much of anything profound to say, neglecting my own blog for lack of words. I have, however, been posting a Monday Blessings if you want to read those...

I have been reading Psalm 42 as well as othr scriptures hopeful God will wash the sorrow from my soul, rescue me from this emotional and often times spiritual wilderness. I do understand there are beautiful bright mountain tops and deep dark valleys. There have been times during mild depression when I saw my depression as God telling me to slow down, separate, and rest. As I read Psalm 42, the opening line made me aware of needing God in my time of extreme stress. Last week verse three was very alive in me as I was weeping day and night, inner pain drowning everyting out. Verse four, brought to life my sense that I am cut off from God...depression can place one in a wilderness state where yes you feel shut out and cut off from everyone and everything, including God.

I am trying to take full responsiblity for the health of my body, soul and spirit. but have chosen to reverse the normal stated order by taking care of spirit first.....pressing into God....pushing into God and His word.

From a medical standpoint, I have never sought medical treatment or been diagnosed with depression, ( and no one will ever convince me a psychologist knows me better than me or my God), so I can safely conclude it is not necessary. This part of the post is for everyone, but in particular, Heb 11:1 (LPP)...(since she asked about supplements and natural herbs although I am sure I will give more than she ever wanted to know)...

I thoroughly search through information that is readily available due to the advancement of technology ( this valuable tool called the internet) and I also lean on the knowledge, wisdom and instructions passed down to me by my dear mother...I do believe our lifestyles and eating habits affect us and in my case may be directly contributing to my mild depression ( although I do know mine is partially situational).....I also tend to suffer at times arthritically and it was discovered last year that I have uterine fibroid tumors. (If you are thinking at this point that I am old and decrepit, stop that thought right now !! :) :)I am only 53 and yes I dye my hair. :) :)

Research and development has linked depression to low levels of serotonin and there is evidence that a diet deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, lowers the levels of serotonin. The tumors pose no problem to me unless they grow larger causing some sort of blockage; this also I thoroughly researched and am supplementing my diet in the hopes of "reducing" their size....generally, they disappear anyways, but I am taking measures to deter their growth. I did, at one time, suffer from candida albicans (yeast infection of the intestinal tract) By a complete change in my diet and by adding some necessary supplements, I believe I have it under control. So LPP, I do take many natural herbs and supplements, namely, omega 3-6-9, evening primrose, B complex for the depression; I am careful with my multi-vitamin and if I do take one I chose a food based supplement, namely because of the copper and zinc in a multi; the ratio should be 1-10 as overages of either will affect their absorbtion plus excessive copper leads to toxicity, which of course can be associated with depression or joint and muscle pain.....so I prefer to take many supplements separately, cod liver oil, vitamin C and E., ecinacea, flaxseed oil, calcium

I believe strongly that our world is suffering nutritionally because we have strayed from God's provisions; our soil has been depleted of its nutrients and replaced by chemicals and pesticides and horomones simply to produce products more rapidly, and for a large population in order to have the convenience of a quick, factory prepared meal or microwave dinner.

Back to the spiritual, I am moving on to Psalm 43, where the mood changes and I am drawing strength from verse 5

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disqueted within me? Hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance and my God.

Love to all

P.S. I responded to the nudge Passing-thru...Bless you


Pilot Mom said...

Donna, it sounds like you are on the right path! Thanks for sharing your information. I learned a few new tidbits. :)

hebrews 11:1 said...

WOW! Good for you with all those supplements!!! It is so good to hear from someone like you, really! I kow I am young to be recommending supplements, but I have been through much and read a lot, so my friends and family often appreciate my suggestions. I am glad you are on Omega 3-6-9, just what I thought of when you mentioned depression. What supplements do you take for candida? To be honest, I tried them "all", but am finally improving on following the protocols written in "Patient Heal Thyself", by Jordan Rubin. I find it is the best I've read. I've been taking Garden Of Life supplements for 8 weeks now(time flies!) and I can't believe the improvement! My mom is now on it for her digestive system (she can hadly eat anything without reacting), and my dad is beginning it for his inflammation. He's not following the diet, however, and I hope that does not affect him too much!
Good to hear from you. Thank you for posting!

God bless you,

passing-thru said...

Good to hear from U --- "pressing" into HIS WORD IS A GREAT WAY TO SAY IT ------

We can ALL use a good pressing in on HIS WORD --

Maybe we should call this site , Pilgrim Pals Pharmacy - EH ! what do U think Pilgrim David --- where is that Terry been ? -- OH TERRY -- I bet she is exhausted from those two weeks being so busy --

passing-thru said...

Ah -- I found U Terry -- I just read your comments down on my post --Ok then --- the pals family is doing OK ---

Lord Bless

donna said...

as far as the candida.....the first thing I did was a colon cleanse...I was a little nervous, but talked with many to get just the right one to use....and I did feel better afterwards....

I havent taken any antibiotics in over 20 years, but I still took a daily dosage of acidophilus to restore and build up intestinal flora...

I eliminated tons of refined sugar from my diet and followed one rich in fiber, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

other than that I used many of the supplements i already mentioned but would occasionally take dandelion and yellow dock...but carefully.

Thanks for asking....and if I can be of help with your mom or dad....let me know.

God bless

passing-thru said...

DONNA -- your a blessing to pals

U should see that as we see that --


hebrews 11:1 said...

I used to take dandelion all the time to help with swelling...I think it's caused by allergies, but I'm not sure...anyway, my legs are always swollen (even though I'm rather fit!), and the dandelion extract helped A LOT. Then when I got off of alcohol (I had read about candida and realized my risk long before I came down with it!) along with all sugar (only honey/maple syrup), I cut out the dandelion, too. I haven't had ANY sweetner besides stevia for a year, but with the new diet I am allowed a little (1-2T) raw honey a day...I am restricting myself to 1 tbsp. twice a week to begin with. I am off ALL fruits and grains, and don't want to go back to them because I am feeling SO GOOD!

I will write about my parents when I can...

Thank you so much,