Monday, September 3, 2007


Struggling to post something of merit tonight - lol - I think I am tired, worked today - but this does stand out - Acts 5:18,19 & 23 - Peter is thrown into prison, The angel of the Lord frees Peter and others , apparently thru solid doors - for the doors were still locked and guards still standing guard with no knowlege of them being freed --- lol --
When we think of our religion, our God , our Christ, our praying , we should think of it in a SUPERNATURAL LIGHT


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Excellent thoughts Passing-thru! This is an awesome scripture - it shows that God can and does move Heaven and Earth for His children. Praying is supernatural - not at all natural. This helps me in relation to my earlier post re praying for lost souls!

Bless you - rest up friend.

Julie (LM)

passing-thru said...

Thanks Julie -- we can all "see" the added zest to your posts - be on guard for the enemy will attack - solid on the Rock -
Lord Bless

Hmm now what is the name of that place, Brockville, Brokervillage, Belchingtown, Brackinbrokerville ?

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Yes, I do need to stand on guard - may the Lord send an angel to keep me on track this week :)

You're funny :) I think I live in Brokeville most of the time $$ get it....Broke - ville (sigh).


Julie (LM)

Saija said...

i've been reading in Ecclesiastes this week ... and it really does show how futile it is to bank on the temporal ... the things that pass away ... in a short period of time ...

our battles ... and victories ... are all in that realm our eye doesn't see ...

good illustration of that from Acts!

susanwalkergirl said...

Passing Thru's good to know that others also struggle with coming up with things daily. You are most excellent.

I was also thinking from your post am I like the guard at times...totally oblivious to God's work around me? At times...I can be rather obtuse.

Thanks Bob...have a wonderful week. Susan

passing-thru said...

Saija , U are so right on things that are important -- we "fail" to see the "full" impact of this new birth and how we have become "heirs" and co-workers with God for the world. Yes on our "eyes" being opened to His supernatural workings -
Yes Susan - lol- I was struggling - thanks for your encouragement , U are an ENCOURAGER !
Lil M , Lord Bless U this week as U build your foundation on THAT ROCK - U may live in "Broke-ville" but the mortgage has been paid in full for U live on THE ROCK


This is so good Passing-thru!
Pilot Mom had a really good post about Paul and Silas on her blog about when these two Christians were beaten and put into prison...August 23.
Your post surely does fit right into hers.
Just so amazing!...from Terry

Pilot Mom said...

It was touched on above in one of the comments about our position in Christ. It made me think of the chapter in Ephesians (chap 1) which talks about where Christ is positioned and then goes on to say, basically, that is OUR position too! We should never operate apart from our position in Christ!

I like to view it in my mind as having a vertical line sight rather than a horizontal line sight. To help me do that I think of myself already above in heaven and I'm sitting on the edge (so to speak) with my legs dangling down as I peer over looking down at my life in the world. Just a thought...