Thursday, September 6, 2007


Sitting here and typing some thoughts , reflections of last two days and then was going to post them, but kept typing till I had enough for the first chapter of a book -- lol --- I tend to "ramble" when tired, lol --- so instead, lets do this , lets remember loved ones --
Claire and Jim, Vicki and Richard, Saija and Leo , Heb and her dad and mom (great evangelistic family ) Praise God for LaurenMary's job (she is on top of the world) Felisol and her Serina, ( I know from reading around that many of U have been praying and supporting her thru these trials of a mother away from her daughter) , Donna and her oldest Jennifer, they can use our prayers , - of course Arlene and Heather and her friend Marisa, I believe Marisa was mentioned a couple of months ago by Heather as well , - remember Aaron Devine ? how is he doing ? -, The two Julies , Jel , Lauren-mae, prayingsensfan, David and his Carol , Terry and this weeked a big deal for her Dad and Mom , the LIST GOES ON -- but this is true , our lives are important to each other , your special and we in "pals" know this , we pray as if it's for our own needs - So , Claire, for your weariness ,we pray Strength, --Vicki, for your sleeplessness, we pray REST -- Saija, for your constant caring, we pray HIS TOUCH -- for all of U , we want to keep this PERSONAL and CARING ---- as Claire says "IN HIS GRIP"




Dropping by to pray over this sweet list of folks, whom God is using and refining and being glorified through. God bless you all!!

I slept much better last night, thanks Passing-thru!


OOps...that was my post up there.