Tuesday, September 4, 2007

REVELATION to information

Revelation to Information
When Adam walked in the garden, his source of truth and how he should walk came from Words revealed from God , his Source -- The apostles and disciples were shown how to live by the Words of Christ Himself, "the birds of the air" , "take no thought" "be not anxious for your Father in Heaven knows what U have need of" "The Holy Spirit will guide U" and not to mention we have THE WORD. We know the tomorrows because we have Revelation from God thru His Word and by His Spirit. Christians get into the quagmires of doubt, despair, ruin , for they gather information in the human sense, from their emotions, friends, literature, and what they're eyes and senses take in and they use as their "guide". When it comes to walking with God and walking in this life, we are to walk by REVELATION
Additional thoughts: Paul in the bowels of the ship tossed to and fro, declares, "The Lord sent His angel and he told us to stay on board and no lives will be lost" everyone that knew about sailing in the storm and the ship is taking on water would say to leave the ship -- Peter preaching and God's angel passes them thru solid doors whem imprisoned - Paul stoned to death and dragged out of the city, only to return a couple of days later to finish his sermon - lol - the list goes on -- We have ALL that we need to live lives HOLY and fullfilling before God and man thru His revealed Word . Let's take heart pilgrims and TRUST GOD --

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