Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Spence[Golden] Wedding Sept 1 2007

Bernie and I are on our way to our nephew, Eric's [Gracey's son] and our soon to be niece, Marie's wedding.

Grampa Yade had me make this sheet out for them.

We are going to surprise the bride and groom at the wedding feast and sing this beautiful hymn written by Dottie Rambo.

Have a blessed day everyone!

I have to take lots of pictures today and although I love my digital camera dearly, it will be on the back burner today, as I will be using my trusty 35 m camera!...............Love Terry


hebrews 11:1 said...

Have fun and enjoy yourself!


Terry said...

I don't know if I will enjoy myself Hebrews, my pal..
I am going to be way too busy shooting pictures!
I have to get out of this business..Ha!..Love Mrs. Shirkie

Did you get your camera yet?

Terry said...

Copied and pasted from The Canadian Blogger..

Hi Terry
In three hours from now I will be a mother in law for the third time. It will be kind of hard to see Eric to move out but at the same time, I'll have another daughter who may give us a grandaughter.

Gracey...I know it is hard but maybe with one less boy in that house, you will have more time for your blog and maybe a little time to make your way down to see the Pilgrim Pals,eh?
And think of the cheap grocery bill you will have!!
I mean a 29 year old guy can chomp down a lot of food!!
See you at the wedding.

I hope Eric doesn't faint like his Uncle Gary did at your wedding and at his own wedding.
This tme I will have the camera ready!!...Love Big sister, Terry

donna said...

hope you're having a great time Terry....