Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Just so U will know -- we love the "pals" in here -- if your "quiet" because your on vacation, busy, company over to the house, or puter broke down -- THATS OK , LOL --- but if your discouraged at all, sick or feeling like Heaven is silent, your prayers are not going past the ceiling -- remember this -- we do care . Even when I don't say anything online and I KNOW David is the same way about this , we pray, we remember U all by name, sometimes by your struggle , but we do pray daily --- WE ARE ALL PART OF THIS GREAT GOD-SAVED FAMILY ---- we are human , we forget at times but overall, we pray and bring each other to the Throne as I KNOW U ALL DO THAT FOR ME and DAVID --

So to the Claire's and Vicki's and Donna's and Jel, the Infamous Julies, LaurenMary and the godly Lauren-mae, Saija, lover of "truth", Felisol the woman who reaches for her bible when "flattened", Lil Montreal girl and of course Heb, aka LPP not LLP but LPP --- Terry , beloved Aunt to the Pals -- Lisa J , yes Lisa, your part of US ---- anyway , thats the "gist" of this post --EVEN WHEN WE DON'T HEAR , WE CARE and continue to PRAY --- Lord Bless , I am tired, lol ---



hebrews 11:1 said...

Don't wear yourself out, Passing Thru!!! We need you here!


Pilot Mom said...

And how glad we are that Pals continue to be faithful in praying!

passing-thru said...

Hi Heb -- we do pray for a Touch from The Healer -- your our special LPP --- yes this body is tired, working got me tired today -lol --------

Hopefully your company , your aunt , and all things went well -
YOUR EVANGELISTIC FAMILY IS AMAZING - scripture tracts and booths , witnessing , QUITE A FAMILY --

passing-thru said...

HI CLARE !! --- your our special woman with maturity, depth of soul, tried in the fire, "a mother of Israel" ---

I, like U, believe in the power of prayer, not in praying itself, but communing with our FATHER , The Great Intercessor stays by the Throne to interceed - THAT TELLS U HOW IMPORTANT THAT IS TO HIM -- WOW

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you, PT, for praying for me! I am really feeling so much better, although I have been told it will probably take a year, but with God-- what is man's timing, right?! Thank you Jesus that I am feeling so much better! .

Yes, all went well, My aunt, who has been actively involved in ministry for years, explained to me how I could write a story on local Christian athletes for her website...and just for the moment, it sounded SO EXCITING! I forgot that I said I would never interview a male athlete, because I am such a chicken and would not feel comfortable doing a interview...I forgot that such a article would require time,skill, and transportation, and permission from my parents...all I could think of was how much fun it would be! Of course, NOW I am thinking it over, and telling myself NEVER! but maybe that will change...

Sorry if I'm ramblng, I just can't wait to call up my best friend in the morning, AT WORK, and tell her all about it!


passing-thru said...

Not only I pray for U Heb -- but all the pals do --
Aunt Terry is constantly thinking of U --


saija said...

my prayer is that everyone gets a really good nights sleep ... :o) ... something that re-charges the batteries and gets us ready to face the new days challenges!!

Terry said...

Yes I know..There has been some quietness and I am so bad, I know but when I don't hear their voices I get to worrying!
Now where is that Vicky, the two little Julies and David?? And Lisa?
I heard Donna in here earlier and Felisol told me howdy on my own blog..
Oh well I must agree with our little Prairie Girl that hopefully everyone gets a good sleep.
But can you please tell me WHERE our Sunbeam Jel is??
..Love Terry

Vicki said...

Here I am!! Gosh, I just missed one day, ya'll...LOL...and I come back here to find a gazillion posts! You have no idea who much you all are on my mind and heart from day to day. I think of you when I'm brushing my teeth, driving the car, sweeping the porch...and when I think of you, I'm praying automatically 'cause the Lord , you see, is the One who brings you to mind.

So if you don't see me in the comments section EACH AND EVERY TIME, rest assured I am praying and thanking God for each one of you.

love to all,

Vicki said...

meant to say, 'You have no idea HOW much you're on my mind..."