Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Paul said to his flock that they were his epistles , LIVING LETTERS - he made it very clear that he was a bond-servant to the LORD JESUS CHRIST, that he was an under-shepherd to the GREAT SHEPHERD .
Today, lets consider this fact , that we "are known and read of all men" we are LIVING LETTERS to all around us . I am hoping today that all may see SOMETHING SPECIAL in me, hopefully the fruits and graces of the Holy Spirit reflecting the Light of Christ.
we do remember, Felisol and Serina, Claire and Jim, Vicki and Richard, Donna and Jennifer, Arlene and Heather , Marisa, Lauren-mary's request, David and Carol - Heb healing , we mention these and others to remind U that we do pray. "Pals" are a praying group, casually and sometimes in earnest special moments -- Have a Grace Filled Day


Terry said...

Hi Passing-thru.
Having a good day and the weather is still summer!
Thanks for the list of prayers.
We can always rely on you!!..from Terry

Nice to see David out again and it took that woman with the GREAT smile to make him appear, eh?

passing-thru said...

Hi Terry -- just got home and looks like "pals" has been quiet - LOL on David coming out of the woodwork -- and yes on Lauren-Mary's smile -- An amazing gift -

Maybe she will post and let us know how she made out -- have U heard how Serina is doing ?
I am beat - this working is tiring me out -- lol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello Pals!

You guys would never believe what a GREAT, no SUPER day we had!!!

We went hither and thither, and about an hour before noon,my dad announces that our next stop will be the Olympic Stadium...he took my mom there MANY years ago, us three eldest there in '95, and the others have never been there. Our aunt's friend is sitting on theback bench with the middle ones (as we call them), enjoying his time, while my aunt sits wih Sunshine and I.

As we are walking towards the "Big O" we spy a smal field off to the side, and there are who else but the Montreal Alouettes (our local pro football team) practising, and I saw members of the media along the sidelines. Now I just wanted to walk in there and rub shoulders with the media--because that's just me, although everyone knows I'm too chicken to follow through--but my dad told us we were there to see the Stadium, not to watch the Alouettes.

So...we see the stadium, we go up to the tower, and we watch them from the window up there. After seeing all we wanted, we walk back out into the fresh air, and there is this football player sitting on the little wall surrounding the field. My youngest bro. gets a photo of him, for which the nice guy kindly poses for, and the next thing I know, my brothers are walking considerably ahead of us...and then they are turining on to the path that leads to the practice field...and THEN my dad sees them, but by then he is far behind, and we are practically turning on to it, too! He gave in, and we all walked on to the field together. I looked arounf wracking my brain for what the media members whose names I knew looked like, and then I see him...

Let me pause there...Remember the former player-now-broadcaster who recently was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gerihgs), whom we asked you all to pray for?? His name is Tony Proudfoot, remember him??

There is Tony Proudfoot standing alongside a writer, a short distance in front of us. I stared at his muscular build, looking for signs of the disease, but I'm telling you, if you didn't know better, you would have said he was normal and healthy. He talked, he moved, he stood there, so normal, and he even looks younger than 57!

So, once we ascertain who it is, my youngest sister runs up to me (meanwhile I had handed scripture cards to my youngest brother, and he's out there trying to give them to the practising players). "Sunshine" says to me, "...can you give me a card, please? I want to give it to Tony Proudfoot." I reasoned with her, "No, sweetie, let your brother..." "But I have something I want to tell him!" she insists. I pulled out a scripture card for him and his friend. She ran off towards my parentssaw her go, they whispered, "NO! WHERE are you going?!" but she was gone. She triumphantly handed the cards out and told him that she was praying for him. At this point, all the media is looking at us, and I tried to slink behind my parents as though I was never there. Their stares we SO embarressing!!! Nevertheless, my aunt's friend was amused by a pair of Alouette flip-flops left on the side, and took a photo of it, which would have been even more embaressing had anyone seen it.

And then, best of all, when my brother returned from finally giving all the cards to someone to pass out to the players--who couldn't take the cards during practice-- I sent him to Proudfoot with The Tiny Book of Bible Promises. I don't know what will happen with Mr. Proudfoot....I dont know if I'll ever get the chance to see him again...but I know that I will ALWAYS remember this day as the day a dream came true, when I got to share the Good News--through my little brother who has all the CHUTZPAH in the world-- with an athlete who needed to here it the most.

And that was what made this one of the best days of my life.

God bless you all, I'm sorry if this was long, but I just want to tell the world, it was just so fun,

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Pilot Mom said...

WOW! LPP you DID have a fantastic day! Yes, I well remember praying for Tony and will kick it up a notch since he has received the verses and promises.

passing-thru said...





hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey you guys!I'm still saying WOW myself...I'm reminded of what an AMAZING God we have...and how He knew we were going to run into Tony today, He knew it all...but then, again, I am still so embarressed...I thought the man standing with him was heis broadcast partner, so I handed my sister two New Testament verses..Big deal, right? Then I realised to my horror, it was the Gazettes' HERB ZURKOWSKY! Oh, no! He's JEWISH! And I ALWAYS give Jews an Old Testament verse, so as to be considerate. Oy, vey, as they say in Yiddish, but I'm sure God can use that one too...oh, and it was the verse, "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation..."!!!

God bless you all,

donna said...

LPP you are amazing...bless you.

sorry I have been absent so much pilgrim pals....just being silent for a bit...respite

love to all

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, Donna! Good to see you here!

And by the way, I am not amazing, and I hope nobody ever thinks that about me....GOD is the AMAZING one...He's the one who gave me the dream to tell athletes about Him, I just get to do it WHENEVER He lets me ;)

Love to you, too,

passing-thru said...

This family DOES THE WORD

Always looking to pass out scripture - they are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ -

we pray and care for U Donna !!

Terry said...

Oh Hebrews!!
This story reminds me of that little maiden that told her mistress about the prophet that would help out Naaman with his leprosy.
Oh what an act of God that this trip that your parents took you on is!!
Soooooo good!!
Love Mrs. Shirkie

donna said... is difficult, I know to accept a compliment, but you must learn to do so graciously :) :)...God does work through us yes....but by doing are amazing...Priase the Lord. Now there shall be no more arguing about this ok??? :) :) ok....she says...good nite LLP :) :) to you