Saturday, September 1, 2007

Featured Blog For September

The blog we're featuring for the month of September is HOLY EXPERIENCE. I've mentioned Ann Voskamp's site before here on PILGRIM PALS and it's one of my links over at PILGRIM SCRIBBLINGS. We met Ann's son Caleb while we were at Elim Lodge last week and Ann wrote about that on HOLY EXPERIENCE.

Here's her description of what HOLY EXPERIENCE is all about. She includes this summary as part of her profile:

"Looking, listening, longing for the hallowed experiences of a very ordinary life: farming Canadian dirt, home educating half a dozen kids, hanging out the laundry. This quiet place is about laundry, listening, liturgy: seeking Him in the everyday...everyday."

Good stuff! Check it out at HOLY EXPERIENCE.


passing-thru said...

Yes - I enjoy Holy Experience very much --- excellent writer --

More than that -- Godly woman

hebrews 11:1 said...

I've never been over there, so I guess I'll have to hop on over!

Vicki said...

Ann's writings are so full of grace and love and His insight.