Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Few Anniversary Pictures

Here is Mom and Dad Golden standing behind their anniversary cake, and looking pretty happy after being married for 60 years!

Gramma and Grampa Yade wanted us to take a picture with them and Mom and Dad Golden.

Even though Aunt Marion, Mom's sister broke her hip just about a month ago, she was determined to be at this very special occasion

This is Betty standing with Eddy and Carol Ivan.
They had seen the announcement in the paper about the open house and came to see Mom and Dad.
Carol used to babysit the four Golden children 53 years ago.
She was the first one to ever take Betty and me to Sunday School.
Betty was about 4 and I was 3.
After all these years we thank her for taking the time to take us!

Dad smiling at two of the Christians from Welland Gospel Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Tries.
Several Christians were there and Dad was glad to meet them

Somewhere in that large crowd, Dad Golden found a little boy to wrap his arms around and lift him up for a picture..
This little guy is Aunt Marion's great grandson

Three First Cousins...Jackie, Mom and Aunt Marion.

Mom with the poet man and his wife.

This is Dad Golden just about to leave for home as he grew very tired after 2 and half hours.
The little guy is Jeff, my nepshew whose dad lives in Iowa and the pretty little girl is Jeff's girlfriend, Ivy.
Of course the fat lady in the picture is yours truly, Aunt Terry and yours truly's husband Bernie is taking the picture!

Now it is off to bed for me!

My wishes for all of you Pals is that you have a glorious Lord's Day...Love Terry


David Warren Fisher said...


Great photos. Just think...dozens of PILGRIM PALS were praying for Dad Golden's salvation in the midst of all the celebrating.



September 9, 2007 6:52 AM

Terry said...

When Dad Dad Golden came into the hall and came to see us in the kitchen, there was a lady who we had known for years and who Dad hadn't seen for years that had come because she saw the anouncement in the paper.
She was helping us out in the kitchen and when she saw dad she went out and shook his hands and hugged him and then she asked Dad what the best gift he could ever recieve on his anniversary. He said, "What"? and she said, "The best gift Mr. Golden would be salvation, and Dad didn't disagree with her.
Just a tiny seed but I pray that it will take root in Dad's heart.

You all prayed?
Of course you did!!
I could feel it all day!!..Love Terry

September 9, 2007 7:49 AM

passing-thru said...


This will have a great result in working the heart of your dad and think of the blessing it was to your mom --


September 9, 2007 8:34 AM

Terry said...

I had to redo this post because I made the pictures too big and it wiped out the side bar.
Hopefully this will do the trick!Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Mrs. Shirkie,

I love the photos! Did you give your mom her letter from me, yet? Just curious...

God bless you,

Terry said...

Oh Boy!.. Little Pilgrim...Did Mom Golden ever love that letter!
She let me read it and it sounded just like the letters to the Chrisians that you read in the Bible.
Then I let her read the letter that you wrote to me.
Right away she offered Bernie one of those Promise Bibles you sent to her but he said, "No Ma...I already HAVE one!"
Thanks Hebrews!!!Love Mrs. Shirkie

Saija said...

awww ... it looked like a truly wonderful celebration ...


nite nite from the prairies