Sunday, September 9, 2007

On The Far Side Of The Sea

Serina means more to me than both my eyes.. I hope my heart has maany rooms, but Serina occupies the living room, that's for sure.
Neither of us are doing well at the moment, but i think I can cope better than Serina.
I have Gunnar as a pillar by my side.
Serina is also used to always have us by her side, watching her back.
Now she is on her own, and ill, that's not easy.
We are in touch every day, and if she wants, we'll go and see her. She is proud and stubborn, and needs time to heal and prove she can manage on her own.
She is, however thankful for all prayers, from the Pilgrim Pals as well as her grandma, aunts, uncle,family friends and us, her parents.
Gunnar and I have long planned, and paid for, a short week's stay in London from Sunday.
It will be tough to leave, not knowing she's began to recover.

God bless you all.


passing-thru said...

Felisol - Serina is still ill - thats so difficult for her and U

We will keep remembering her in prayer --

Keep Trusting the Lord - all of this HE has known weeks ago , we will remember U in prayer

Vicki said...

Felisol, yes, we're praying for both you and Gunnar, and your sweet Serina. These things are hard on a mother's heart, but rest assured that the Lord is near, and He cares even more.