Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back With Compost

Good evening PALS! Bet you're wondering what that title is all about... "back with compost"! Well, let me explain. I'm back online with comments and posts. Still have computer problems but I'm writing a quick post at work here at Christian Horizons before going to sleep.

Like I said before it sure is frustrating not being able to post and comment. I'm taking my desktop computer from home in to STAPLES on Monday morning for servicing. Hopefully they'll be able to fix the problems.

We're still having difficulties at my office getting online with my laptop. Don't know what the problem is there.

How exciting to go online tonight at home and see all the activity today on PILGRIM PALS. Be assured of my prayers for each of you and those you write about.

Today was busy in the Fisher household. A friend of mine lost his father on Thursday and I've been trying to be a comfort to this single man. His dad was in his 92nd year. I've been asked to be a pallbearer at the funeral on Monday. Please pray for Gordon as he grieves the loss of his dad. Pray too for his mom Lila who lives in a Seniors Residence here in Peterborough.

Following the funeral on Monday afternoon I'll drive for several hours on my way to Pittsburgh, PA. Hopefully I'll get as far as Erie and stay there for the night. On Tuesday evening I'll be at the ballgame between the Pirates and the Milwaukee Brewers. I'm going down to see my friend Gabe Gross (Brewers) again. Please pray for safety as I drive.

Tomorrow is Round Up Sunday at Auburn Bible Chapel as we launch our fall ministry season. We're roasting a pig (as I write) and we'll be serving a meal following the morning services. This is designed to reach out to our unsaved neighbors around the church.

Well, dear ones, I must get ready for bed. Thanks for your love and prayers. Physically I'm still not 100%. The cellulitis still hasn't cleared up in my arm and I'm always exhausted. Please pray.

Trusting God and enjoying His presence,

~ David


Terry said...

Nice to see you in here Pilgrim!
You sure have a busy time ahead of you. I hope that you will be feeling good and be able to accomplish it all without getting too over tired.

Staples has never done us wrong when we have needed service, so I think that they will be able to fix you up..

I will be praying for hte grieving family. Times like this are so sad.
Was the 92 year old man a Chrisitan?
Poor Lila. It will be so hard for her!
Will be really be praying for her..

Have a good Lord's Terry

Pilot Mom said...

David, sorry to hear you are still not feeling 100%. Neither is my hubby. So, as I pray for his recovery I'll be praying for your recovery, as well as travel mercies. Be blessed brother David!

David Warren Fisher said...

Terry & Pilot Mom:

Thanks for your prayers, dear ones!
Terry, Mr. Groves was a solid Christian who spent many of his years in St. Catharines. His obituary was also in the St. Catharines newspaper.

Pilot Mom, I'll be praying for hubby.

Love you both a lot,


Terry said...

Oh that is great David.
Through all the sadness of his leaving, this makes everything a whole lot better, knowing that Mr. Groves is in heaven spending his first Lord's Day with the Saviour Himself!
I am glad you told me this. I was thinking about Lila during the night.

I never knew that Pilot-dad wasn't feeling good Pilot=mom.
I will be thinking about you both and praying for him today....Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Lord Bless David -- May HE bless your epistle sports ministries and your influence to this man's son that was promoted to glory -

Thats a nice thing for the church to do to have an open house for the unsaved -- hope there are some unsaved show up and get to "taste of heavenly things"

Whats the latest on Carol ?

Vicki said...

David, praying for you here, also, and thankful for your ministry. Will remember that family during the funeral and in the days to come. Sorry to hear about the laptop frustrating! May you be back online soon.

Warmest blessings,
Vicki in Georgia USA

Vicki said...

Claire, I caught that about your hubby, too, and will remember to pray more for the two of you. God bless you, my friend.

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks, Vicki! I am trying not to worry! Thanks to all of you who pray for us!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey, Pilgrim!

I hope your church's open house drew lots of lost souls today! How was the pig? I mean, the pork? ;) The graphic did not sit well with my stomach: we are used to roast LAMB here (Greek tradition), and I have an allergy to pork...actually all unclean animals, believe it or not!

Thank you for checking in, it is good to hear from you.

I will be praying for the family you mentioned.

I hope you have a good time at the ballgame...go, Brewers! Just dad will be in Milwaukee this week (Mon-Thurs), and the company he works with there have some big Brewers fans. They want to treat my dad out to a game, but every time he comes, the team is away! They won't even have time to think of baseball this time, they will be very busy in meetings with another company they both deal with!

Please pray for our family while my dad is gone...we have a ton of work to get done with my parents' home-based business. Fall is our busy time, and it seems that over the next 5 days we have enough work to last us 5 weeks, and yet we ust get it finished Friday...and we are going out for a few hours on Thurs., and I'm going to pray about whether or not I should work for my parents' business that day, because I will be observing it biblically....

I pray that your cellulitis clears up, and that your health improves.

God bless you,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

hebrews 11:1 said...

I'm praying for you and Pilot-Dad, too.

God bless you,