Saturday, September 8, 2007

Update on Sister

Thanks for praying for my sister!

Some needs were met immediately:

* God blessed with rent money and deposit for a small one-bedroom apartment.
* Shelby's old boss released her final paycheck (after refusing up until now).
* Some good church folk helped her and daughter move today (Saturday).
* They're exhausted and broke again, but will go to the food bank on Monday.
* We'll be able to send some food money this week - thank you, Lord.

Keep praying as the Holy Spirit leads:
* that Shelby & little daughter will know the saving grace of our Lord.
* that they find a local church home and desire to grow spiritually.
* that God would provide Shelby a good job to meet their bills - she's applied at several places.
* that her daughter would transition well into the new school (4th grade).
* for emotional and physical health - this has been a little traumatic for them both.

I love you, my praying Pals. Be encouraged!


passing-thru said...

WE WILL BE PRAYING FAITHFULLY and be looking for good results

Thanks so much for being part of our pals family --

On behalf of David, he is thrilled to have U with us

Thanks Vicki ---

Pilot Mom said...

How exciting to read how the Lord faithfully responded to prayers! Thank you for the new prayer list. Will continue to pray for Shelby and her daughter.

Terry said...

Hi Vicki..She has such a pretty name!
It means "sheltered town".
Just praying that she will soon be in that shelterd town...saved and shelterd by the Lord, Himself and her little daughter too..
Love Terry

Vicki said...

Passing-thru, I'm grateful to be part of the group here. Thanks so much for caring about my family.

Pilot Mom, just 2 days ago I wasn't sure what would happen to her...but things started happening:-) THanks for praying.

Terry, that is so nice to know about her name....I will pass it on to her...saved and sheltered by the Lord, indeed! THANK YOU!

Terry said...

I guess Vicki that everyone here IS part of your family so that's why we are all praying!!..Love Terry