Friday, September 7, 2007


Hello, Pals!I'm back from a little break yesterday...although I did read posts/comments at one point, but had no time to comment myself.
Tonight I was working on a job a friend asked me to do for his evangelistic outreach to our Jewish neighbors (this friend is Jewish, too, but believes Jesus is the Messiah). Please pray that his gift pacakges for Rosh Hashanah will encourage our neighbors to seek God, and know Yeshua Ha'Mashiach (Jesus Christ).
Thank you for all you prayers for my dad and his foot. I feel so mad with his swollen foot sometimes. My dear dad, why does he have to suffer all day, all night, as he waits until he gets the results from the tests/xrays in October?! Not that I'm questioning God, I just hate to see my dad in this state, and not able to help him. He's going out of town next Monday (early) through Thursday (late--midnight), and I pray he will be okay while he is gone.
The night before last I had a dream that I went by my neighbors' place, and her (former) husband was sitting at the table outside with her, and their children. I was so shocked, in the dream, I didn't know what to say, and I was so happy. Alas, I awoke, and it was but a dream. Yesterday afternoon, I had a bag of stuff to drop by, and went to the bck screen door-- we always do in the summer. I heard angry voices, crying, yelling...I thought, "What am I to do? Leave and go to the front door? They will see me leave and be embaressed." So I stood there, and rapped hardly on the door, hoping they would hear me from wherever they were. At she and her mom cme into the kitchen, and there I was standing at the door. Her mom gave her one parting shot that she made it worse, and it was her fault, and then told me to come in. I had barely entered, when she left, leaving me with his sniffling daughter. I walked up to her, her hand wiping tears, her eyes red and swollen, and said, "here's a bag for you..." {sniffle, sniffle} "Thanks." I could not bear it any longer. I was going to wrap my arms around her. We are 12 years apart, but most days I think I am onl 2 years younger than her,and we are SO VERY similiar. "Do you need a hug?" I asked. "No," she decidedly answered. "Are you sure?" I said, sorry I had asked instead of just doing it. "Yes, I'm sure." {sniffle, sniffle}. I thought, You are so stubborn you know you'd like nothing better, and you are so much like me, so don't pretend I don't know or understand. I walked out upset and sad, and I felt like crying. So, today my sister and I picked her up some flowers at the florist on our walk, my sister cleverly dropped them off without her seeing, and she has no idea where they came from, so I hope she doesn't ask. No one else in my family knows, so they can honestly answer that the don't know a thing about the flowers! Oh, that she would fine peace with Jesus, and that her husband would come back...I can't imagine another winter without him on our rink with us, or another day without his cheery whistle that brightened days more than sunshine could ever.
Come home soon, Mr. R., come home soon.
God bless you all,Lil Pilgrim Pal


passing-thru said...

Good post and good Christian service LPP --

Your a real missionary --

Lord Bless

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you, PT for posting this and for spacing it well, too! ;)

I only do what I can, and you should hear us talk about what we wish we COULD do MORE! I cannot stand walking by certain apartments, for instance, that leave the main door open all day because they have no A/C and it is so stuffy in there...I cannot stand walking by without thinking how we would love to drop off soe groceries, but I am a perfectionist...we cannot doit for one only, we have to do it for all, and there are several buildings in a row. So, we have decided to sneak in a few xtras here and there with our own money when sent to the store, and we will store it 'till we have enough to make a grocery bag for, that is a lot of grocery bgs to be carrying while just walking a dog...I'll have to think out the delivery a few times more ;)

And with fall coming, winter is fast behind, and we children...well, that's another story for another post. I'm going to challenge the Pals with that one, when I get my thoughts together.

God bless you,

passing-thru said...

Lol -- Now how did U know I posted it and U are a demanding sort --lol-- space if for me - lol

I am truly blessed by the way U people live -- Truly Christian, saved to serve --

I stand humble by your family's standards

hebrews 11:1 said...

I am sorry but I do pose as a free-lance journalist, and I do like my stuff printed well, so I might as well have it posted well, too ;) You can see some of my work online, sorry I can't tell you where or by who! Thank you for spacing it, again.


passing-thru said...

I was only teasing U Ms. Journalist -- lol

In spite of the spacing , your still a blessing -

Its great that U and your family are so missionary minded in your community

Terry said...

Little Pilgrim.
Thank you so much for the nice package you sent me yesterday.
I can't wait to give the letter to Mom Golden at her anniversary party.
And FOUR promise books.
Bernie promply put one into his wallet after he had me sign your name on the front page!
You are such a little worker and a true servant of the Lord..Do you wonder why we love you and Little Montreal Girl and your Little Sunshine so much?...Love Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

Good for Mr. Shirkie...I carry one or two at a timin my wallet...that's how I am able to pass them out all the time-- like the one we gave Tony Proudfoot! ;)

God bless you,