Friday, September 7, 2007


Two reminders before going to bed -- Mr. S B , an old dying friend to Felisol, her prayer is for him to Take Christ and live forever , may we pray that these next several hours --
The other is for Vicki's sister to be encouraged and helped , her and her daughter , so that God gets the glory and a new convert to His Kingdom , AND for Vicki to feel the peace that God is watching over her sister -- MAY IT HAPPEN OH GOD --
Nite and thanks to All for the good posts and comments -- I know David will read these and would have put in his godly support , so in behalf of David , GOD BLESS THE PALS and in his words , BE ENCOURAGED


Terry said...

Praying for both of these and more too Passing-thru.
You better have a good rest this weekend...You sound really tired!...from Terry

passing-thru said...

Lol -- thanks Aunt Terry -- what are u doing up at 3:30 in the morning ! lol --- Hope your big weekend at gospel hall goes well for your mom and dad -- lets hope his heart is softened by THE GREAT HOLY SPIRIT.