Friday, September 7, 2007


These computer problems are starting to get to me! I know! I should be able to rise about this "stuff" but when you carry on a vital ministry like PILGRIM PALS over the internet it can be very frustrating. I need to remember that this is God's work and He understands all the glitches along the pilgrim pathway.

Having said that let me assure each of you of my ongoing love and prayer support. Even though I can rarely post or comment, I read your posts faithfully and I lift you up before the Father.

Have a good and godly weekend, dear ones, and thanks for your fellowship in the gospel.

Grateful to God for you,

~ David


Vicki said...

Praying for you, David. Praying for all the Pilgrims today.

passing-thru said...

Thanks Vicki --- David -- when U read this , know we keep U in prayer -- what a Journey this year has been for U and Carol ---
There is an end, there will be a "time" that U will be looking on the other side of this up and down year ---
and U know what , U know God will get the glory and U would not have it any other way --- so keep being David and let God Bless for HE SURELY WILL

Terry said...

Oh we DO pray Lord that thou will find a way for your dear David to have his computer fixed!!
We need him!! in the name of the Lord Jesus Chrsit...amen!

Pilgrim Pals is such a Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Pilgrim!

You do not know how much we think of you here, or how many times someone says something about a fish, and we older children start laughing, and nobody knows why!! Oh, and almost every morning we see "Miss Peterborough" and we think of all the Peterborough Pals. Ummm, Miss Peterborugh is a car, I mean it's a lady who has a car, and the car has a QC plate, but it says it's from Trent Valley Honda in Peterborough...and the car has a CHRISTIAN FISH on it!!! It lives around the corner from us, and we've only seen the lady once, and she drove off before we could tell her LPP and Praying Sens Fan had just passed her by ;) No, we were going to ask her if SHE was from ONT, or just her car.

Thank you for posting the request for my dad and thank you for praying for him. His ankle did better, but it is still bad off.

God bless you,