Friday, September 7, 2007

urgent prayer needs

I have a sister on the opposite coast (California) with very dire needs, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Pray over them all. She is trying to raise a young daughter alone, having been 'kicked to the curb' by her 'ex' fiance. She knows that living together was wrong, and is now suffering the painful consequences, but I'm not sure she has really known Jesus. She needs Jesus more than anything. But she also needs a mighty show of God's mercy, love, and provision. She's homeless, without a job, and without finances, other than what she scraped together from selling her delapidated car. She cannot relocate here because of a court order to keep her child in California (thanks to ex-husband), or else we would surely provide shelter for the two of them.

Folks, let's pray. I feel that I have really let her down over the years. She is untrusting, hurting very much, and also scared. For her privacy, I'm not posting her name, but she is asking for help and prayer.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel
When my little sister was only 13, she was a runaway and it was a real heartache for my mom and dad.
Throughout the years she was in and out of foster homes and even though my father wasn't a Christian, he begged us to try and get her back out to church.
All we could do was to pray for her and that we did.
Now she is closer to the family. She has a twelve year old girl and she was a good mother to her but now her daughter is treating her the same as she treated my mother and father and that is too bad.
My sister lives in the same town as we do but it seems that she may as well be a thousand miles away with all the times we see her.
I just wish that she would be asking for prayer as your sister is..
I will pray for your sister fervently Vicki..
A seeking sinner and a seeking Saviour always meet!..

Felisol said...

Dear Vicki,
I'll pray for your sister. You are a real "sister" here on Pilgrim Pals.
Dear Jessus help Vicki's sister and her daughter. You will not foresake nor forget one single of your lambs. You see this is a matter that needs to be solved urgently. Hear our Prayer. Amen

Pilot Mom said...

Vicki, this pulled on my heart so much as I read your post! I will be praying fervently for for everyone involved. I will also pray that solid Christians come to her aid helping to find a place to stay etc. I'll be praying for you since you are not there locally. It's so tough when you are so far away and desire to reach out help. (((hugs)))

passing-thru said...

We have seen good results with the pals praying and as Claire said, this post tugged at my heart too

In the Name of Jesus, we come to Glorify His Name to the Honor of The Father, so by the Holy Spirit ,Oh God, touch and be to Vicki's sister ALL SHE NEEDS --

Vicki said...

Thank you so much for praying and understanding how much I've hurt for my sister's problems.

So far, some prayer has already been answered--be encouraged and keep praying!

Within an hour of posting my sister's needs, she emailed to say her old boss was going to release her final paycheck, when she had refused to give it to her before.
God must have moved on this woman's heart to do the right thing and pay the money that was rightly owed to my sister. Praise God for that!

She still doesn't have a job offer, but has put money down on a tiny old apartment, so we will keep praying. I told her that God will not forsake her, that she needs to keep trusting Him for her needs, even when folks let her down. She is rejoicing that God did something! But hey, our God is in the emergency business, amen?

Keep praying. My sister's name is Shelby.

Thanks to "anonymous", Claire, Bob, and Felisol for reminding me of your fervent prayers. I'm so moved by your love and support...I was crying today because I'm Shelby's big sister and can't even help her this time. But that's okay---God sometimes ties our hands so He can do BIG STUFF without our help. I want Shelby to see God up close and personal, and give Him the thanks.

Pray that God will work an abiding faith in my sister's heart through this crisis, that her daughter might see the wonders of God's love in her young life, too, and come to saving faith in our Lord and Savior.

I love you all.

passing-thru said...

WOW -- THATS GREAT VICKI -- I just posted a post for U ,, I didn't see this comment on God already working in Shelby's life



Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

I will be praying for you sister Vicki - praying for God's provision and protection. I can't imagine how hard it is for you, being so far away - you are in my prayers too!

Julie (LM)

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, this pulled at my heart, too, because 20 years ago, my mom was in dire straits, too...her husband of five years left her without warning, with a toddler to provide for, while only working a part-time job...oh, it brings tears to my eyes to think back to that because she was SO THIN, because she would starve herself so I had food to eat...and we weren't POOR ENOUGH to qualify for gov'l help, although we lived low-rent, and all. I was so sick so often, my mom would have to take time off work to stay home with me, and that was unpaid time. Then there were my med. bills from being sick that added up.

I will pray that God will send your sister a husband for her, and a father for her daughter, like God sent my mom and I. We only lived alone for a few months before my parents met, got engaged, and married THAT FAST, and no, my mom wasn't lookin for someone...she only agreed to marry him because of those older than her that were praying!

May your sister find herself wrapped in God's loving arms, with His peace filling her heart, in her darkest trials.


passing-thru said...

Heb --- thanks for your GOOD COMMENT --- thanks for sharing in your life

Again -- U and your family impress me

Vicki , take heart , for with Christians like these praying - God is Good ---

hebrews 11:1 said...

PT, it is hard to share, for sure...I don't know if I do the right thing, but I hate to keep back my story of God's goodness, so it all comes out! I have gotten some nasty remarks from people over the years, but I love it when people say I look like my dad, because I really DO! God thinks of everything...and when he brought my parents together, He made sure my dad looked like me and vice versa, so nobody knows any better ;) But I get so mad if anyone suggests my siblings are "half-" Half-what?! They are the only siblings I have, and I am theirs as well! Oh, and my dad adopted me, too, in case you were wondering.


Terry said...

Dearest Vicki,
I am still praying too.
Did you get my Terry

passing-thru said...

Heb, we all have stories, I can tell U a few too -- :-)

The Greatest Story has been told and we all have read it and are in it --

In Christ -- Bob